It is amazing to see the transformation from a busy meeting room and rushed employees to the peaceful yoga studio that occurs at our worksite. Within just a few weeks of kicking off the lunchtime yoga program with Gillian, of Light Path Yoga + Wellness, Tuesday became the day that many of our employees most look forward to. Gillian is professional, knowledgeable, and a fabulous yoga instructor we could not be happier with her work at our site.

Before Gillian began teaching I was concerned about finding an instructor who could successfully teach everyone from very beginners to those working on yoga teaching certifications themselves, but Gillian surpassed my expectations. It is amazing to see individuals from across the company and all ability levels come together to enjoy the practice.
— Denise Kenny, Senior Wellness Coach, Medtronic Neurovascular
Gillian embodies everything a good yoga instructor is - peaceful, welcoming and knowledgeable. Her classes always challenge me to stretch my practice just a little further than I thought I was able. She does it in a way that encourages everyone in the class, regardless of their individual limits, and Gillian always offers alternatives to move at your own pace. I look forward to her leading the practice because I come away feeling like I got a work out, sweating and tired, but very relaxed.
— Michelle De La Cruz, 2nd Vice Commander, The American Legion
Gillian has done a fantastic job improving the wellbeing of our company through her corporate yoga classes. I have had the pleasure of working with her at 2 separate sites and have noticed a vast improvement in our employees’ physical, mental and emotional health as a result of her hard work and expertise. Gillian has the ability to teach the basics to beginners and make them feel comfortable while keeping the experienced yogis engaged and challenged, all in the same class. I would highly recommend Gillian to any business looking to improve the health of their staff.
— Chad Blazer, MS, CSCS Wellness Coach Wellness Coaches USA
Gillian Poe’s inspired instruction will help you find your spiritual path. I highly recommend her amazing and insightful work! Trust Gillian to reveal the path to finding your most authentic self and true happiness.
— Gary Quinn, Intuitive Life Coach, bestselling author of The Yes Frequency, and founder of the Touchstone for Life Coaching Program