Yoga Instruction

A regular yoga practice reduces mental and physical stress and fatigue, helping the body rest, restore and re-energize. Taking time to honor your mind, body and spirit with the practice will give you greater energy, strength and agility. 

Our thoughtful and compassionate instruction will help you reach your personal best, no matter your skill level. 

When we are healthy and balanced, we are fully able to give our best to our endeavors and respond appropriately to any challenges that arise with confidence and clarity. 



Meditation is simply training the mind to direct its attention where we want it to go for greater peace, empowerment and personal awareness. 

In developing a mindfulness practice, we focus our attention in the present moment, calming the mind and nervous system, and tapping into the wellspring of energy and wisdom that lies within.   

Meditation is a powerful and practical tool for personal transformation, revealing your True Nature and a more vibrant, relaxed and authentic you.  


Healthy Eating  

Quite simply, you are what you eat, and there's no getting around it! Nurturing your mind and body every day with nutritious, delicious food is a critical part of any self-care routine.

In our fast-paced, convenience food culture, it's much too easy to become malnourished and out of balance.  

Thankfully, we can make simple changes in your approach to cooking and eating that make a major difference in how you look and feel, with greater mental clarity, sustained energy and abundant self-confidence. 

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